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Discover The Untapped Power Of Love and Forgiveness

Attain Higher Levels of Consciousness

You hold the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Amazing things are possible once you understand the "How To" of a method or technique. The "how to" of love and forgiveness is a life changing realization that becomes a key component to personal growth. It opens the door to happiness and influences people you care for.

Thoughts Have Energy

Recognizing the true nature of thoughts changes everything. A sense of accomplishment, feelings of fulfillment, respect and other positive feelings come alive because your thoughts create your world. Thoughts can be empowering or destructive. What you dwell on sinks into the sub-conscious and shapes your reality.

Happiness is Your Choice

The secret to happiness is knowing that you can choose to be happy. Your state of mind is absolutely in your control. Recognize that, and everything changes!

Love is Your Birthright

The biggest fear in life is "the fear of not being loved". Eliminating that fear brings fundamental change. Once you understand, it clears the way for personal growth, new adventures and personal discovery. Stop dreaming of a better life and start living it right now... today!

Knowledge that can change your life permanently!

School of Love

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Love and Happiness

You can choose to be happy. It's just a matter of making that choice. Believe in the power of your mind and use it to fill your life with the love and respect you deserve. You are powerful beyond imagination.

Too many of us have forgotten the amazing emotions we feel when love is present. Remember the magic of childhood or your first true love? Rekindle those feelings and feel alive again!


Knowledge is power and all you really need to to realize what you have. We focus on helping you uncover your personal power and realize the true nature of life in the moment.

We are evolving at a rapid pace right now. Our grand children will look back at this time in history and realize how amazing it was. We are in the midst of exciting times and "School of Love" is here to open doors for those willing to wake up. Now is the time! Will you be involved or stand on the sidelines?

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