Bring Back That Lovin' Feeling

A Life Full Of Love & Happiness Has Meaning Beyond Words 

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty years ago, two young men graduated from the same university. They were very much alike, these young men. Steve and Ross had been better than average students, both were popular and - as young university graduates are - both were filled with dreams for the future.

Recently, these two young men returned to their campus for a twentieth reunion. They were still very much alike. Both were married. Both had children. And both of them, it turned out, had worked in the same industry for most of those twenty years, and were still there.

But there was a difference. Steve had climbed the ladder to upper management while Ross had stayed on the factory floor. How could this have happened (they wondered) as their stories unfolded?

What Happened?

As they stood there talking, Ross came to understand who was actually more successful in life. While Steve climbed the corporate ladder, it demanded countless hours away from home. Ross realized that he had chosen family over money, living a modest but happy life as a supervisor on the production floor.

As they continued to talk, Ross realized his friend's marriage was falling apart and he started to feel at odds with this old friend. On his way home that night he recalled a decision he made years back when he was offered a promotion. He had declined the promotion, knowing how it would impact his family life.

Over the years he wondered about that decision every so often, but always felt comforted knowing he and his wife were happy and the kids were okay. As he drove on he understood how that choice had shaped his life, and once again he felt that familiar feeling of satisfaction knowing he had made the right choice.

It was at that moment he forgave himself, for lingering feelings of guilt that used to creep in whenever he felt he had not provided enough for his family. He realized once again how much he loved his wife, that he had always loved her and still did. His appreciation for her welled up in his chest and a tear rolled down his cheek. He could hardly wait to get home and give her a hug.

Ross was emotional as he drove home that night. He had a renewed understanding of success, and realized the gravity of that decision he made long ago, when he chose family over money.

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • The Reason You Are Here

    We are here to learn how to love! Everyone wants to know more about love. We want to know what it means to truly love and to be loved. Love affects your decisions, strengthens your understanding and keeps us together

  • The Fear of Not Being Loved

    The biggest fear of all is the fear of not being loved. Fear separates human ego from human soul, so we deal with it by focusing on it. Everyone wants to be happy, and being in love is a big part of that. Put your fears to rest

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The Power of a Decision

We all make decisions that determine the direction of our life. Think back, and you'll remember making a choice that led you down a certain path. We all make pivotal decisions on occasion and looking back we see the moment for what it was, sometimes a life changing event.

Choosing love over material things will always be the better choice. No matter what financial situation you may be in, your faith in love will carry you through. Many times you get what you need the moment you need it when you're living right. Loving someone with conviction, open and honestly is living right.

The True Nature of Love

Love starts with yourself and grows from there. Preparing for love is one of the most important things you can do. It is where to start if you are to achieve "Genuine Love & Happiness"

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is our reason for living and the reason behind everything we do. Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten the magical power of love. Too many people associate material things with love and take for granted the people closest to us.

Further, when lovers take their relationship for granted it develops feelings of boredom and indifference. If that trend goes unchecked, negative feelings emerge. So many failed marriages... over 50% worldwide.

Don't let this happen to you. There is hope...

Every one of us has a desire to love and to be loved. We all want to experience love and be truly happy. This is absolutely possible if you are willing to work at it. You just need to be conscious of how you treat others. Love is the reward that's given to those of us who put effort into it.

The universe is a mirror. It reflects every thought, every word, each intention. Everything in your life is built on your emotional state and feeds it back to you in kind.

There are no accidents in life, no mistakes, only lessons! We are here to learn. So if you desire love, then you must GIVE love in order to receive. This eloquent universal rule is easily understood, but difficult to master.

You've heard the term "labor of love". In this context it means being conscious of how you treat yourself and those around you. True love starts with yourself. Once you understand that, it reaches the people you care for.

Understanding love is the reason we are here, on this planet, in this life. A wise man once said, "To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people, not love things and use people."

If you feel your relationship has hit a plateau, or you are single and looking, "Genuine Love & Happiness" offers insights you may have never considered before. Emotional moments are deep and heart felt as you work toward understanding love.

Change Your Life

"Genuine Love & Happiness" was designed and written as an introduction to the School of Love, a place to learn the only lessons that really matter. There is an old saying "when the student is ready the teacher will appear". If that old saying rings true for you right now, then picking up a copy of "Genuine Love & Happiness" will be a good decision.

"Genuine Love & Happiness" authored by Tania Berlin, offers insights into the true nature of loving relationships that can last a lifetime. Discover absolute joy in the moment, because you cared.

Anyone can improve the quality of their life with a desire to do so. Everything changes by aligning your focus and applying knowledge available in "Genuine Love & Happiness"!

Breakthrough concepts developed by Tania Berlin reveal techniques and methods that can fill your life with love and laughter!

Happy, Fulfilled, Self Sufficient

Ideas learned from "Genuine Love & Happiness" can help set your life on a positive path. You could re-ignite the love of your life, or find someone new. You can be living a life of happiness and contentment instead of wondering what went wrong again.

"Genuine Love & Happiness" is the first golden nugget in a body of work based on Positive Psychology. Pick up this eBook today and you'll be given free membership access to the School of Love. This provides you with hours of written content, video and audio.

From the first moments of this project, the most important thing to us was that we help those we serve. Tania's personal strength has always been to give and help others. So we measure the success of our business by your experience as a member.

Our Guarantee

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Who is Tania Berlin?

Tania was raised in a loving home by parents who treated her with respect. She was blessed with private schools and a higher education. In university her passion was positive psychology (one of her degrees) which she contemplated and practiced for decades later as a mother, wife and gentle lady. At one point in her early career she used positive psychology to counsel Russian soldiers returning from battle.

With the intuitive ability to grasp difficult concepts and explain them easily, she has helped guide many people to self-sufficiency.

Women like Tania Berlin have walked among us throughout time, but rarely reveal their secrets. Now you have the opportunity to benefit from her lifelong passion and join a growing group of people taking control of their personal happiness.

The reason we decided to bring Tania's style of psychology online is to help more people. It is impossible to make real social change one-on-one, so we decided to build the School of Love to make her teachings affordable and available to anyone interested in spiritual development and to better understand the nature of love.

Genuine Love and Happiness is the first in a series of works based on Tania's unique methodology. She has a wonderful way of explaining complicated concepts, reducing them to understandable nuggets of information.

Owning Genuine Love and Happiness give you access to the School of Love members area where you can listen to the numerous audio recordings and extra content recorded specially for owners of Genuine Love and Happiness.

Pick up your copy today and get instant access. Your download and instructions will be sent by email after purchase.

Knowledge defines us; it is our past, but what we do with it is our destiny

Mother Theresa said: “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” Together we will try to fulfill that mission.

This information comes from years of healing experiences, research, analysis, consulting, learning and observation. Our only desire is to help you make positive changes. If your measure of success is to be happier, love more or gain more respect then our goal has been met.

Tania Berlin

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Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the content or do not believe it can help you, we will refund your purchase. To do that, submit a refund request to our help desk within 30 days of purchase.